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The traditional bakery of Plakias is a wonderful destination for those looking for authentic taste and traditional dishes. Since opening its doors in 1990, it has become a favorite destination for locals and visitors to the area.

In the bakery of Plakias, many types of pastries are prepared that evoke aromas that foreshadow the delightful dining experience you are about to experience. Pastries include the beloved raisin, apple croissants and bagels, which have become the bakery's signature. They are freshly baked and rich in flavor, made with care and passion to satisfy even the most demanding palates.

In addition, the bakery offers a variety of breakfast rolls, suitable for a healthy and nutritious breakfast. The quality of the products is always high, as only local products such as eggs, milk, cheese and honey are used as raw materials. This focus on local production gives the products a distinct character and ensures freshness and distinctive taste.

In addition, every day the bakery produces a wide variety of baked sweets, which you should not miss to try. Each dessert is prepared with care and freshness, using only the best ingredients. Among the options you will find walnut pie, chocolate pie, orange pie, fasting apple pie, sheep's butter kourabiedes and many other types of sweets. All this is always fresh, prepared with passion and love for traditional gastronomy.

The Plakias oven is much more than a simple oven. It is a bakery that treats its products with passion, dedication and respect for tradition.